Valencia, Spain – March 31st, April 4th 2014, 108th MPEG Meeting

H2B2VS partners presented the first demonstration of hybrid content delivery by showing how to synchronize the 2 layers of a SHVC encoded video.

With the parallel development of scalable extensions for HEVC (SHVC, MV-HEVC) and timeline and external media information carriage in MPEG-2 TS (TEMI), MPEG is creating the foundation of future services for the broadcast industry: flexibility and extensibility in media coding, carried over using heterogeneous networks, including broadcast and broadband networks.

As part of the H2B2VS project, Telecom ParisTech and INSA/IETR have been working on a tight integration of scalable coding and transport layers through their respective open-source projects GPAC and OpenHEVC.
This contribution demonstrates the combined usage of HEVC/SHVC, multicast MPEG-2 Transport Stream and on-demand MPEG-DASH in a prototype demonstration.