Strasbourg, France. 20th – 24th October, 110th MPEG Meeting

H2B2VS is at the initiative of the 1st MPEG workshop on Media Synchronization for Hybrid Delivery which was held in Strasbourg on October 22nd, 2014 (see invitation). This seminar was open to the public.

Chaired by Marco Mattavelli from EPFL (H2B2VS partner), this workshop invited 6 speakers who presented an overview of the state of the art in this area (see presentations). H2B2VS was represented by Raoul Monnier who gave a talk on H2B2VS Use Cases and Business Models. A panel discussion was organized at the end of the workshop so that the speakers could answer the questions from the floor.
Followed by more than 80 participants, this workshop was a success and attendants suggested the organizers to hold a 2nd edition within 2 years.

In parallel to this workshop, demonstrations where organized. H2B2VS illustrated three Use Cases:

  • Trick-mode on broadcast event,
  • Multi view programme,
  • Hybrid delivery of 4K scalable HEVC content.