San José, California – 17th-22nd Jan. 2014, 107th MPEG Meeting

Following the project’s contribution to the 107th MPEG Meeting in San José, California, WG11 has sent a liaison letter to DVB informing of the on-going work on timeline signaling in MPEG-2 TS, 13818-1:2013 DAM6. Some fruitful discussions happened in DVB CSS group, including some members of the H2B2VS project, and a liaison letter was sent back to MPEG (m31817). H2B2VS contributed to the MPEG input document addressing the technical questions in this liaison (m32287).

H2B2VS has contributed as well to a submission to JCTVT requesting to define a profile for the HEVC scalable extension supporting Color Gamut and Bit-depth Scalability (CGS). Such a scalability technology may be considered in applications standardization committees such as DVB CM-AVC/CM-UHDTV or ATSC3.0. Considering the foreseeable evolution of capture and display device capabilities and use cases, CGS appears to be one major feature to be supported in upcoming mainstream applications. Finally, this contribution also suggests to establish a Liaison Statement on Color Gamut Scalability requirements and performance between DVB CM-AVC/CM-UHDTV, SC 29/WG 11 and SG 16.