Expected Results

The following results are expected by the H2B2VS partners:

  • Implementation of HEVC Codecs and support for HEVC Scalability,
  • Adaptation of relevant standards to hybrid distribution: MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP), MMT (MPEG Media Transport) and DVB signaling,
  • Development of a synchronization algorithm to synchronize Broadband & Broadcast networks,
  • Support for encryption and watermarking over hybrid networks,
  • Adaptation of CDN to allow hybrid distribution.
H2B2VS_ArchiUpdated v1.2 without partners

These results will be made visible thanks to 3 demonstrators: A terrestrial demonstrator in France, a satellite demonstrator in Spain & Turkey and a cable demonstrator in Finland.

The deployment of a hybrid solution as proposed by the project will not be a success without contribution to standards. One of the outcomes of the project will be contributions of some partners of the project to the relevant standardization bodies in order to propose solutions in line with the recommendations issued from the project and that can be deployed in the field for a commercial exploitation.