Monaco, France April 23rd -24th 2014, Celtic + Event

During the Celtic-plus Event 2014 in Monaco, the H2B2VS partners presented the mid-term results of the project. Among them, the definition of hybrid use cases and associated business models, the status of hybrid Broadcast-Broadband H2B2VS demonstrators and also the achievements in standardization (MPEG & DVB) on synchronization mechanisms allowing the transmission of video services over Broadcast- Broadband hybrid networks.

H2B2VS also showcased intermediate results of the project on its booth. The demonstration simulated the transmission of a video programme over a Broadcast network with additional video data on a Broadband network and their recombination to display an enhanced picture on the terminal. It relied on:

  • Scalable High efficiency Video Coding (SHVC),
  • MPEG2-TS for Broadcast delivery,
  • DASH for Broadband delivery,
  • The implementation of the Timeline Delivery for MPEG-2 TS enhancements (TEMI) which is being standardized at MPEG. This mechanism allows the synchronization of the auxiliary stream with the main stream.

Monaco-20140424-00012 cropped