Incheon, Korea, 22-26 April 2013, 104th MPEG Meeting

H2B2VS supported the initial technical proposal submitted by Telecom ParisTech and referenced “M29227 – Timeline Delivery for MPEG-2 TS enhancements”.

In m29227 presented during the 104th MPEG meeting, use cases for enhancing MPEG-2 TS content with broadband add-ons have been presented; a generic solution covering all hybrid delivery use cases has been proposed, allowing time synchronization of add-on media such as MPEG-DASH or MPEG-MMT. While mainly designed for MPEG-2 TS  environments, the solution is generic and could be used as a MediaTimeLine stream for other media transport protocols and formats (RTP, ISOBMF, WebM, …).

The outcome of the 104th meeting is that a Working Draft to MPEG-2 systems will be started on the topic of timeline streaming for synchronized media enhancements

MPEG meeting Incheon