Geneva, Switzerland, 28th Oct. – 1st Nov. 2013, 106th MPEG Meeting

Following the project’s contribution to the 105th MPEG Meeting in Incheon, a stable syntax for carriage of media timeline and external resource location has been proposed in the output document W13661 (WD 2.0 of ISO/IEC 13818-1:201X/AMD 6 “Delivery of Timeline for External Data”).

After the Incheon meeting, a number of discussions on the topic has taken place in H2B2Vs and standard organizations such as DVB or HbbTV. Additionally, some companies have raised interest on the general topic and concerns on bandwidth overhead.

H2B2VS presented to the 106th MPEG meeting in Geneva a contribution which reviews the bandwidth overhead introduced by TEMI and proposes an alternate transmission mode of timing. The contribution also proposes fixes and improvements to the working draft. The new output document w13952 “Text of ISO/IEC 13818-1:2013/PDAM 6 Delivery of Timeline for External Data” contains the last version of the new proposed syntax

In the framework of the H2B2VS project, IETR proposed in JCTVC-O0115 a pipelined and parallel 1080p50 SHVC decoder which was jointly demonstrated with Telecom ParisTech and GPAC during the meeting. The GPAC player enables users to switch from a base layer to an enhancement layer and vice versa.